Fountain Equipments


One of the most widely used nozzle, produces a thick foaming mass of water suitable for small and medium jet heights. roduce a single stream of foaming water the design creates a pressure drop inside the nozzle which suck in air and mixes it with the water stream to create an impressive water effect. The crown ring produce a fine circular water pattern using multiple clear stream nozzles mounted on a single ring. The direction adjustment of the nozzle can create various effect such as inward crown, outward crown, vertical crown, inward weave or outward weave. -The revolving jet is divided into two parts the lower revolving mechanism with 4 arms which uses water pressure to revolve the nozzle and the upper part which consist of the nozzle and can be either a single crown nozzle / vertical jet PF or a finger jet of 4 spiral arms, each type creating a different visual effect while revolving. Multiple fine streams creating a 3-tiered water effect. Finger jet nozzle produce a series of clear stream jets radiating outwards. Can be installed vertically or at an angle using two 90- degree bends. Produce a fan shaped sheet of water when installed at a 45 degree angle.